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Celebrating Teachers and Certificated Staff

We are celebrating Teacher and Certificated Staff Appreciation Week in Shoreline Schools. Please join us in thanking them for all that they do for our students!

Here is a recap of teachers and certificated staff featured this week on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to inspire and empower students through my role as a physical education teacher. I find great joy in guiding young minds toward a healthier lifestyle and fostering their love for physical activity. Every day presents an opportunity to cultivate not just their athletic abilities, but also essential life skills like teamwork, discipline, and resilience.

Witnessing their growth, both physically and emotionally, fuels my own commitment to lifelong learning. I can't see myself doing anything else with my career."

- Allyn Woods, PE Teacher, Brookside and Meridian Park Elementary Schools

Brookside teacher Allyn Woods with kindergarten classroom

"This is my third year at Edwin Pratt Early Learning Center, and my 10th year in the district. I am a special education teacher and am so proud of the inclusion work that we are doing at Edwin Pratt. I love my team and how we celebrate our students' differences and accept them wholly for who they are. We have a shared joy and pride in OUR students. I hope that as we move forward as a district, themes of inclusion will continue to grow and that we continue to support all of our learners and allow them to reach their full potential as capable human beings."

- Lydia Kim, Special Education Teacher, Edwin Pratt Early Learning Center

Photo of Lydia Kim

Founded in 2017, the Technology Learning Cohort (TLC) is a group of dedicated teachers and specialists committed to professional learning where technology is used as a means to adapt and grow their instruction to meet the needs of Shoreline School District students. Participants are expected to apply new learning between sessions, and they commit to sharing ongoing learning with others.

This year, TLC is exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to enhance instruction and capture time through planning efficiencies. The members are also focusing on how to introduce AI to middle and high school students and guide them through its ethical use. Over the all-day sessions, participants focus on student-centered and hands-on learning. There is time to reflect, plan, and share.

Past years' topics have included flipped and blended learning, technology integration frameworks, Seesaw with grades K-2, and student-centered learning with technology.

Thank you to our Digital Learning Specialists, Ann Hayes-Bell, Juli Lorton, and Paul Witzel, for leading this important, impressive work! And to the dedicated educators who commit to elevate their own practice and that of their colleagues by participating in this cohort.

TLC cohort group photo in professional library

"As I was growing up, my dad would always tell me to choose a job that you will love to do every day, because you will spend a lot of time doing it. My dad loved being a firefighter, helping people and making a difference. As I was thinking about what I wanted to do as a career, I knew I wanted a profession that was exciting and dynamic, didn’t involve sitting at a desk all day, and was of service to others. I realized that I had always enjoyed learning, gathering knowledge and working with young adults--becoming a teacher seemed like the perfect fit!

I began at Syre Elementary in 1997 teaching 6th grade, and I am forever grateful to my dad for his words of wisdom! Every day in the classroom is a fresh start, the changing and challenging curriculum keeps me on my toes, and our students continue to surprise me, make me laugh, and enlighten me every year. The best part? My day is NEVER boring! Best profession ever!"

- April Johnston, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lake Forest Park Elementary School

Photo of April Johnston

"The middle school years are pivotal for students, marked by immense growth. I cherish the role I play in their journey helping them explore their interests and uncovering new passions they didn't know they possessed. I get to see students evolve into the incredible individuals they're destined to become.”

- Mary Thurber, Computer Science and Engineering Teacher, Einstein Middle School

Photo of Mary Thurber

"Community is at the heart of supporting our students who need extra support and instruction around behavior and special education. We learn our own value, the value of others, and how we are powerful together in community at Kellogg Middle School.

We also really like to have fun when we can. Class Birthday parties and earning the chance to pie a staff member in the face are all part of the package in the BLS classroom at Kellogg. (Shout out to my AMAZING behavior technician Steph Gould) Learning about my students and what they need to be successful is the favorite part of my job. I attribute the growth in our students to the collaborative nature of our staff in working with me, and to all the hard work our students put in to learn to manage their emotions and their work. They are amazing!"

- Lyla Taddei, Behavior Learning and Support Teacher, Kellogg Middle School

Photo of Lyla Taddei

"In my role as dean I have the privilege of seeing and working with every student at Highland Terrace. I love the ability to connect and establish relationships with the students as they move through elementary school. It is so rewarding to see how they learn and grow through their elementary career.

We have an incredible team of staff, students, and families."

- Kelsey Graves, Dean of Students, Highland Terrace Elementary School

Photo of Kelsey Graves

"When I see a student transforming before my eyes, taking ownership for their learning and flourishing, it's an amazing thing to witness. The growth is different for each student in the way it unfolds and it never gets boring. This beautiful metamorphosis is what brings me back to teaching every year."

- Aubrey Ashenbrenner, 3rd Grade Teacher, Meridian Park Elementary School

Photo of Aubrey Ashenbrenner

"What a joy it is to be a reading teacher at Highland Terrace Elementary School! Each day I have the privilege of nurturing students as they grow in their reading skills. I feel fortunate that the Shoreline School District leadership prioritizes equitable literacy practices and I am always eager to learn together with my peers about the Science of Reading and explicit instruction.

It is a treasure to be a part of a young reader's journey, to learn their story and acknowledge their gifts. There is nothing better than the sparkle of pride in a student's eyes when we track their growth and celebrate their accomplishments!"

- Donna Hoffman, Learning Assistance Program Teacher, Highland Terrace Elementary School

Photo of Donna Hoffman

"Teaching is not just a profession, it's a journey of shaping minds and fostering growth. Over my 12 years in the classroom and 5 years within the vibrant tapestry of the dual language program, I've witnessed the transformative power of education firsthand. Briarcrest and the Shoreline School District have been my nurturing grounds since I moved to Washington, where every day I'm inspired by the curiosity and resilience of my students. I'm deeply grateful for the warm embrace of this community, as together, we embark on the endless pursuit of knowledge and understanding."

"La enseñanza no es solo una profesión, es un viaje para formar mentes y fomentar el crecimiento. A lo largo de mis 12 años en el aula y 5 años dentro del vibrante tapiz del programa bilingüe, he sido testigo de primera mano del poder transformador de la educación. Briarcrest y el Distrito Escolar de Shoreline han sido mis lugares de moticación desde que me mudé a Washington, donde todos los días me inspira la curiosidad y la resiliencia de mis estudiantes. Estoy profundamente agradecido por el cálido abrazo de esta comunidad, ya que juntos nos embarcamos en la búsqueda interminable del conocimiento y la comprensión".

- Jafeet Corral, 2nd Grade Dual Language Teacher, Briarcrest Elementary School

Photo of Jafeet Corral