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Author-Poet-Singer-Songwriter Eric Ode with MP Students

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"Just make a mark and see where it takes you>"

International Dot Day - September 15th

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MP Welcome to the Library

The mission of the library media center is to ensure that students are effective users and creators of information, as well as develop a lifelong love of reading and literature of all kinds. 

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About Your Librarian

MP About Your Librarian

Welcome to the Meridian Park library! Throughout my long career at M. P., I have been both a classroom teacher and the school teacher-librarian. I love introducing students to great literature - mythology, folklore, mysteries, adventures, and more, as well as helping them find, use, and create information in meaningful and interesting ways. I received my undergraduate degree from Pacific Lutheran University and my graduate degree and library certification from the University of Washington. 

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Jenny Hillger